What Happens When You Put A Piece Of Onion In Your home

By | March 22, 2017
What Happens When You Put A Piece Of Onion In Your home

Several months ago I wrote an article entitled “This is what happens when you put cut up onions in your socks while you sleep” and it took the internet by storm. Many large blogs with millions of facebook fans used my article on their website and the picture of my foot with an onion in my sock went viral. I probably had the most famous feet in the world for those two weeks with millions seeing it. People thought I was either crazy or genius, but it really has nothing to do with me.

Putting an onion in your sock, and using an onion in a variety of ways dates back way before my time. I just dug it up and shared it with the world. To understand why onions are so valuable you need to understand basic science. Onions contain phosphoric acid which helps to purify the blood and fight infections, germs and bacteria. It’s anti-inflammatory and beneficial to your health and well-being. Most people think you have to eat or in some way ingest the onion to get the beneficial properties of phosphoric acid but that is not the full truth. This is the part that confuses most people!

Source: healthywildandfree

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