What Do Your Fingers Say About Your Personality?

By | October 15, 2016
What Does Your Finger Length Says About Your Personality?

Does Each Finger Carry Its Own Meaning?
Yes. Just as with the palm, the fingers on your dominant hand typically showcase your work and public personality, while the fingers on your other hand relate to your behavior at home and in close relationships. Every person has some strong fingers and some weak ones. The stronger a particular finger, the more likely you are to exemplify its personality traits.

Here are the associated characteristics for each digit:

Thumb: Drive to succeed.

Index finger: Power, authority, vision, and influence.

Middle finger: Accountability, efficiency, security, growth, and wisdom.

Ring finger: Creativity, self-expression, and a yearning to be in the spotlight.

Pinkie: Communication style.

Source: realsimple

What Do Your Fingers Say About You?

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