Use fruit juice if you want to be protected from cancer

By | December 5, 2016
Use fruit juice if you want to be protected from cancer

Raw Food Treatment

Definition: While the term “raw food” means food eaten without cooking, in the context of a cancer diet, a “raw food” diet is a vegan type of diet, where the vast majority of fruits and vegetables that are consumed are known to kill cancer cells, directly or indirectly. In other words, the phrase “raw food” on this web page does not mean a random selection of uncooked vegetables and fruits, but a very selective subset of vegetables and fruits specifically selected to treat cancer.

If the day ever comes that Big Pharma ever succeeds in achieving their goal of total suppression of our availability to vitamin and mineral supplements, fear not, there are food diets perfectly capable of curing cancer. All you need is a juicer and perhaps a food processor if you can afford both.

Cooking food destroys 100 percent of all enzymes in a food. Because many foods contain the necessary enzymes needed to digest that food (and get the nutrients out of the food), cooking food places a great burden on our body and does not allow you to get as many nutrients out of the food. Actually, cooking food does damage to the value of the food in over two dozen different ways (see the links at the bottom of the page).

While it may be true that some nutrients are made more readily available by cooking, overall it is better to eat vegetables raw than cooked, boiled, or broiled. Some vegetables, however, are generally but not always, cooked, such as peas and green beans, to name but two.

Also, there are two advantages to juicing vegetables and fruits. First, juicing makes the nutrients in a fruit or vegetable more digestible by the body, meaning more of the nutrients are extracted from the vegetables or fruits with less of the obstructing fibers. The second advantage is that you can consume a lot more vegetables (particularly vegetables and fruits with cancer-killing nutrients) in a shorter amount of time and with a lot less effort. Juicing is an excellent way to consume your fruits and vegetables.

The bad thing about juicing is that the nutrients are not extracted sufficiently from the seeds or skins of some key vegetables and fruits. If you are eating a food where the seeds and/or skins contain key cancer-fighting nutrients (e.g. purple grapes), you should not use a juicer for the seeds or skin, but rather use a food processor or use a hand grinder, to grind the seeds and skins to make mush.

There are many different raw food diets. The first thing you need to understand is that not all vegetables and fruits are equal in their ability to treat cancer. Remember, our main purpose here is to treat cancer. Your fruit and vegetable juice should primarily include the vegetables and fruits that have the best cancer-killing nutrients. If you randomly put fruits and vegetables in your juice, the benefits of the juice will be greatly decreased.

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