Top Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

By | October 31, 2016

We have always seemed to take a liking to cashew nuts for their outstanding taste without actually ever knowing all the health benefits they offer. This yummy treat is the source for a considerable amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, promoting a healthy lifestyle and state of mind. Originally discovered in the north-west region of Brazil, the cashew tree is now grown in many tropical areas and is produced by India, Indonesia, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Vietnam. No need to worry, this life-changing nut can be purchased from many of your local stores at decent prices.

But what exactly are the best health benefits of cashew nuts and how can they have an impact on our day-to-day lives? The scientific results are genuinely stunning and may help you make some nutritional adjustments for the best. Check out our pick of 12 reasons why you should incorporate cashew nuts into your diet and test out the magic for yourself.

1. Antioxidants – take care of your heart

What better way to give back love to your ticker than by enjoying a nutritional snack? Few people know that these delicious nuts are rich in antioxidants and have proved to bear significant cardio-protective qualities. Like multiple other tree nuts, cashews contain quite a high amount of alkyl phenols in their composition, but also co-factors for a wide variety of enzymes, such as copper, magnesium or selenium. Studies have demonstrated that cashew nuts have lowered the risk of coronary heart disease and have decreased death rates from cardiovascular causes by 11% thanks to consumption increase. By consuming cashews you can slowly but surely say goodbye to heart conditions!

2. Magnesium – strong bones, gums and teeth

Even though calcium is considered to be one of the most important factors for determining a healthy bone structure, few are those who know the true value of magnesium from this viewpoint. It is appreciated that around 2/3 of the amount of magnesium found in the human body resides in our bones, so we should truly reconsider the importance of this vitamin if we want to maintain superhero bones. The high amount of magnesium is yet another health benefit of cashews that we should keep in mind when searching for natural remedies. This great antioxidant found in cashew also does wonders for the oral cavity: it strengthens gums and helps you preserve your teeth in the long run.

3. High blood pressure, be gone!

Another reason why the high intake of magnesium from cashew nuts can visibly change your life is the impact it has on blood pressure. A lack of magnesium can lead to alarmingly high blood pressure and even to various muscle cramps, spasms and tensions. Cashew nuts are known to lower blood pressure and have a wonderful impact on patients who suffer from this condition. Even if you don’t have these kinds of problems, you should know that they also help fight migraine headaches and continue your day without pain and with a clear mind.

4. Cashew Butter – creamy, delicious & nutritious

Love PB&J sandwiches? You now have a healthy alternative for your favorite lunch. If you take your average peanut butter and switch it with cashew butter, you’ll find a wonderful replacement that contains a great amount of protein and unsaturated fats. It contains way less fat than other kinds of nuts, one tablespoon of salt-free cashew butter containing just 94 calories. The best way to consume cashew butter is in its raw form. The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service states that raw cashew butter has proved higher nutrient levels and thus is more all-around healthy.

5. Dietary Trace Minerals – keep fit & enjoy a healthy snack

Whoever thought eating could help you lose weight? Another health benefit of cashew nuts is their great cholesterol that has aided in weight loss countless times. Research shows that people who eat cashews at least two times per week actually gain less weight than those who don’t! Although most people are hesitant when they hear that these nuts are acknowledged as fats, studies have proven the existence of dietary trace minerals like manganese, copper, phosphorus and magnesium in these appetizing nuts. The authors of one study conducted in Spain concluded that “Frequent nut consumption was associated with a reduced risk of weight gain (5 kg or more).”

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Benefits of Cashew Nuts

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