Top 6 Amazing Benefits of Lemon

By | August 11, 2016

Following are the six amazing benefits of lemon which are generally not known by the people:

  1. Strengthens the Internal Body System

Take one cup of warm water and mix one lemon into the water, without eating or drinking anything in the morning. This will clean all the dirty things in your body and will make your immune system stronger.

  1. Beneficial for Digestion

If you drink water with lemon that will help the liver to produce liquid and also help to reduce the toxic substances from diet.

  1. The Enemy of Mosquitoes

It is also an amazing benefit of lemon that it is used to repel the mosquitoes. Cut the lemon into two pieces and put a clove on one piece to repel the mosquitoes from your room.

  1. Used as Room Freshener

Mix the juice of lemon with rose water or vanilla and sprinkle it in your room or home. This would refresh your breath with fresh scent.

  1. To Keep the Apples Fresh

If you put some lemon drops on chopped apple or avocado, the freshness of fruits would be maintained and it will not change their colour.

  1. To Clean the Chopping Board

If you clean the chopping board with lemon, it will remove all the bacteria and make it hygienic until the next use.

Source: awamiweb

Amazing benefits of Lemon

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