To Get Rid of Multiple Acne under the eyes

By | February 27, 2017
To Get Rid of Multiple Acne under the eyes

When checking your reflexion in the mirror, you may find bumps under your eyes, which may lead you to worry if it is something serious. These white bumps, however, are most often nothing to be concerned about. But if you are really upset about it, there’re ways that can help you to get rid of them more easily.

What Causes White Bumps Under Eyes?

These white bumps appear when the body fails to shed dead skin cells, which leads the pores of the skin to become clogged and formulates the formation of the white spots and bumps. This can also be caused by overusing make-up and skin care products, as well as lack of exfoliation.

Or It Could Be Milia

Most commonly, the white bumps under eyes are milia. Milia are small, white, benign cysts that are very common (around half of all new born babies are born with milia), and they are also prevalent on the faces of a vast amount of adults (particularly under the eyes). Unlike other spots and cysts, milia have no opening, meaning that they cannot be squeezed and popped.

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