These Household items Have Expiry Dates: it’s time to Replace Them at Home

By | November 16, 2016
These household items have expiry dates: it's time to replace them

We all know when something in our fridge has gone off – it hits us as soon as we open the door. But what about household items? How do we know when they’re past their sell by date?

You may be surprised to hear that even though they don’t start to mould or go a funny shade, lots of daily household items expire and should be changed. To help us all out, Bright Side of accessories and their expiry dates so that you’re not unconsciously damaging your health.

In the bathroom

Sponges should be changed every two weeks and shower puffs every six months – before they begin to grow fungus. But don’t worry, you don’t have to keep buying new versions, you can just boil the items in hot water to get rid of mould.

Next are , which should be changed every one to three years as they’re the perfect breeding ground for bacteria when wet so washing them doesn’t help!

Toothbrushes should be changed a little more often. Bright Side recommends buying new bristles every three months and always change your toothbrush after you’ve been ill with a cold to stop the germs returning.

In the bedroom

Pillows should be changed every two to three years because they are a firm favourite for . As well as this they lose their shape and spring which can cause neck pain.

Even your slippers aren’t safe from expiry and should be changed twice a year as fungal infections from your feet spread. During the six months you should also wash your pair as often as you can to .

Fashion and beauty

It turns out that hairbrushes are more high maintenance than your actual hair and should be changed every year and cleaned once a week. Unless you own a brush with natural boar bristles, in which case you should find a new one every seven months.

Any perfumes containing essential oils can be kept for three years – or two years if they’re kept open. Eau de toilettes can be kept for four years.

It’s recommended that bras should be kept no longer than two years or thrown away once it loses elasticity or becomes uncomfortable.

Running shoes have a recommended sell by date of 12 months as after 300 miles they lose their cushioning and can start to agitate joints.

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 Replace them immediately at home

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