The Best Medications to Stop Tooth Pain Fast

By | November 19, 2016
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Excruciating: Extremely painful; causing intense suffering; unbearably distressing; torturing.

I am a stranger to pain. The reason for this is because I do everything I can to avoid pain. My husband, also, does everything he can for me to avoid pain. He knows that as long as I am in pain, life is unbearable—for him and for me. With him at my side, we searched high and low to find anything tested or not, that would be a solution to the pain I would need to be relieved of if we ever wanted to have a normal life.

Certainly, I am not a doctor, and I can’t prescribe medication. But, after my experience with tooth pain, I am somewhat of an expert in tooth pain relief by now and I can share what worked for me to get the tooth pain to stop – fast. I can save readers time and money as they search for solutions to manage their own tooth pain.

Fast Relief

Some medications are going to work for minor pain relief, no matter what kind of pain reliever you use. For me, when the pain was simply an annoyance, I knew a general pain reliever could be used. When my pain was just a dull throb, I used whatever I had in my medicine cabinet. I tried the various types of pain relievers to determine which one worked the best and the fastest. Over the period of time while I was waiting to see my dentist, I used aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen. All of these pain relievers worked for my tooth pain.

My recommendation for fast pain relief: Acetaminophen.

Acetaminophen relieved my tooth pain within 5 to 10 minutes and I did not experience any adverse side effects. When I read the back of the label, I saw that acetaminophen had the least number of adverse side effects in relation to my health concerns. So, I was happy that my tooth pain could be relieved so quickly with acetaminophen.

Other people will need to read the cautions and warnings to determine which type of pain reliever will be most beneficial with the least amount of side effects to their body and health concerns.

While all of these medications worked for me at the time I took them (not all at one time, of course) I would be negligent if I didn’t share some precautions that come with taking these medications. See the chart titled “Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers for Tooth Pain”.

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