Some Habits That You Should Avoid After Eating

By | October 16, 2016
Avoid these fatal habits after eating

When the meal is finished, many people often eat fruits, smokes cigarettes, drink a cup of tea or take a shower… Nutrition experts recommend that you should give up these habits immediately because they are harmful to health.

1.        Eating fruits

Many people often eat fruits after every meal. This is a bad habit for health.

The researchers explained that foods, after being put in the stomach, will be stayed one or two hours to complete digestion. At this time, the stomach is stretching to contain foods. If in this “peak” period, you continue to eat fruits, you will increase the burden on the stomach. Moreover, fruits contain a large amount of acid, sugar, glucose, fructose, starch… that will increase the slow flow at the digestive organs.

Moreover, fruits as grape, orange, tangerine, pear… contain plenty of flavonoid. The intestinal bacteria break down this material into thiocyanic acid that inhibits the function of the thyroid gland, in the long run it will cause disease in this gland. So, you’d better eat fruits after a meal 2-3 hours.

2.        Lying

After eating, people often feel sleepy and lazy. This is explained that at that time, the amount of blood largely focuses on gastrointestinal system and the amount of blood in the brain decreases significantly. It’s the reason that the brain and other organs are “sleepy”.

However, if you sleep immediately after eating, your brain will fall into a state of inhibition, followed by a break of the body, including the digestive system. Consequently, foods are not thoroughly digested. Even the leftover foods in the digestive organ are attacked by bacteria, which causes stomach, intestinal tract diseases.

3.        Exercising

If after eating, you exercise, you will easily have stomachache. In the time period of 1-3 hours, the blood must be poured in the digestive organ to process foods. When you exercise in this period, the amount of blood is forced to allocate more to the muscles, resulting in insufficient blood to the digestive organ. So, it affects the function of the stomach, likely to cause stomachache.

4.        Smoking cigarettes

If you smoke cigarettes at this time, the huge amount of toxic substances in cigarettes will seep into your blood faster than normal

The clinical study showed that after eating, the blood circulation increases fast. If you smoke cigarettes at this time, the huge amount of toxic substances in cigarettes will seep into your blood faster and more 10 times than normal. If this condition is lasted, it can disorder the function of stomach, inhibit the activity of the pancreas and cause stomachache, lung disease, heart disease.

5.        Drinking tea

If you like drinking a hot cup of tea after the meal, you can wait 30 minutes to do this. Because the tannin in the tea will combine with protein, vitamin B1 and iron in foods to create the difficulty absorbed compounds. Besides, the theocin and the tannin found in the tea inhibit the secretion of gastric juice and intestinal juice, which is not good for the digestion.

6.        Reading books

In the time period of 1-3 hours,the blood must be poured in the digestive organ to process foods. If you read books at this time, the blood will be mobilized to the eyes, reducing the function of the stomach. On the other hand, if the amount of the blood that is focused to the eyes is not enough, you can get eye diseases.

7.        Taking the shower

The process of scrubbing when taking the shower will make the blood vessels of the skin expanded. The amount of blood in digestive organs will decrease because the blood has to flow to the limbs. This situation makes the digestive process delayed, adversely affecting the stomach.

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Habits That You Should Avoid After Eating

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