Remedies to increase breast size naturally at home

By | April 20, 2016
Remedies to increase breast size naturally at home

Remedies to increase breast size naturally at home works pretty good. It’s perfect in its own rules nature has given perfect size to everyone to let their body organ to perform functioning. but what happened? our lifestyle gets changed, our food habits gets changed which started doing interference in our hormonal system in Result we got problem of hormonal imbalance and due to hormonal imbalance we face problem of flat chest or over developed chest if you have perfect breast size, still your lifestyle & food habits are not good Then in future your might face sagging or shrinking of breast with home remedies we can stop hormonal imbalance and we can also control the problem of sagging or shrinking of breast.

Remedies to increase breast size naturally at home

  • Similarly, if hormone called estrogen is not available in your body, even then your breast growth will b stopped so you have to eat estrogen rich food.

foods for increasing breast size naturally

  • Eat fennel seed, after every meal eat 1/2tbso of fennel seed as it will increase estrogen hormone in your body.
  • Similarly, you can use Sunflower seed. Take 1-1tbsp of sunflower seeds, as its also estrogen rich.
    you can also take 1 tbsp of flex seeds once in a day.
  • Similarly, you can use Soya Products, Eat seasonal fruits & vegetables as they are estrogen rich also.
  • Along with this consumption of 1 tbsp, Sesame seed will also increase estrogen hormone in your body.
  • You can also do a massage. For this take 2 tbsp fennel seeds boil it in 1 cup water cook it less its thick & then strain this water. Let the water become Lukewarm for 15 minutes you have to do massage with this water. How? Clockwise on your right breast & anti-clockwise on left breast.keep on doing the massage unless the water is completely absorbed in your breast.Fennel seeds contain an estrogenic compound which boosts up breast tissues along with this,
  • you have to do some exercise which targets your breast muscles you can do pushups, wall pressing. Push the bare wall & move your body further towards wall basically, you have to do exercise targeting your breast.
  • muscles along with this its important to take some vitamins Deficiency of vitamins too bring negative impact on breast size, Every vitamin has its role to play. you need to have vitamin A,B6,D,C & E Too.

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