Nose bleeding may be even more dangerous

By | September 20, 2016
Nose bleeding may be even more dangerous

Lahore (Daily azadnyuzdysk) is very common complaint of bleeding from the nose in some children and adults. If it is not immediate and proper treatment can be harmful to bleed to death. High blood pressure, may be blood from the nose infections and some other disease .Also in the case of nasal bone injuries in the inner nose is crooked, like in colds, runny nose or nose in too much in what may be bleeding from the nose into the case. How to stop bleeding from the nose? As quickly nose to stop the bleeding must do the following steps.
The first patient comfort. Give him a place to relax and let loose on his shirt or tie. If alone be one’s nose began to bleed, it should sit with the head slightly forward to relaxing and pressed a hand to his nostrils for 10 minutes, but in any case with the press will be terrible kumsla nose If you have to put up with bandages or ice cold nose. Usually if the bleeding from the nose when water is poured on the head, which is good. If the above methods do not stop bleeding the patient is immediately treated in different ways to be sent to hospital.

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