Magical Health Benefits of Grapes

By | October 5, 2016
A magical benefits of grapes

Good News from the Grapevine

Grapes can be eaten fresh or dried (raisins), while grape juice is a favorite beverage. Although seedless grapes are highly sought after for table grapes, the absence of seeds does diminish the phytochemical content of the grape. Grapes are also used for making jam, jelly, and wine.

 Currants are dried Zante grapes, but the name currant has also been applied to two berries, black currants and red currants, that are unrelated to grapes. Sultanas were originally raisins derived from a lighter grape of Turkish origin.

Grape seeds provide an edible oil. Grape seed extract is also available as a supplement. It is claimed to strengthen capillary walls, so that it finds use in the treatment of venous insufficiency, and edema following surgery. It also reduces the risk of blood clots.

Source: vegetarian-nutrition

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