How To Use Yogurt For Hair Growth Amazing Benefits

By | May 6, 2017

While keeping your hair healthy is a task all by itself, focusing on growing your hair can be even harder. It takes a lot of care, energy, and effort on your part to keep your hair healthy and growing. But there are always ingredients that help speed up the process while adding to the health of your hair.

Yogurt is a common natural hair care ingredient. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that are essential for hair health. The ingredient makes for an excellent hair growth aid, and here’s why:

Benefits Of Yogurt For Hair Growth

  • Helps get rid of dandruff with its anti-fungal properties that soothe the scalp.
  • Helps calm frizz by keeping your hair moisturized for longer.
  • Controls hair fall by improving scalp health and reducing the clogging of follicles.
  • Balances the pH levels of your scalp by regulating sebum production.
  • Yogurt soothes an aggravated scalp with its cooling effect.

Source: stylecraze

How To Use Yogurt For Hair Growth

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