How to Use Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice for White Hair Amazing Remedy

By | March 27, 2017
lemon and coconut oil benefits for white hair

Home remedies for white hair / How to get rid of white hair

  1. Take 1 tea spoon amla (Phyllanthus emblica / Indian gooseberry) powder with water every night before going to sleep. This should be the last thing you eat every night. This is best home remedy for white hair. It will also improve your facial glow and makes your voice sweet.
  2. Indian gooseberry (Amla) Paste – Apply Indian gooseberry paste every day on your scalp and wash after 15 minutes. It will stop increasing white hair and hair loss or baldness. To make Indian gooseberry paste just mix water in Indian gooseberry powder and make a thick paste to apply on your head.
  3. Mix amla powder, candy sugar power, black sesame seeds and dry bhringraj (Eclipta prostrata) powder. Take 6gm of this mixture every morning with 250gm milk. It will turn your white hair into black in few month if you take this medicine daily.
  4. Too much heat is a big reason of white hair so take a bath with cold water every day in the morning.
  5. Early to bed early to rise is very beneficial in white hair problem. If you sleep very late in night and wake up late in morning then it increases the body temperature which leads to white hair. so always drink lot of cold water to maintain body temperature.
  6. Use Fuller’s Earth (multani mitti) to wash your hairs rather than using soap or shampoo. It will stop increasing white hair. Soak Fuller’s Earth in water for whole night. Next morning rub that Fuller’s Earth in same water and filter that water with clean cloth. Now wash your hair with this water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes wash hairs with normal water.
  7. Amla water to wash your head: Take 25 gm amla (Phyllanthus emblica / amalaki) and soak in water for whole night. Next morning rub amla in same water and then filter that water using a clean cloth. Now massage your scalp using this water gently for 10 min and then wash using clean water. For dry hairs, one time in a week and for oily hairs follow this procedure 2 times in a week. If needed then you can do this every day because amla is best natural tonic for hairs. 1 hour before using amla water, do some massage on your scalp with amla oil.  Washing hair with amla water makes your hairs black, long, thick, smooth, shiny and strong which also stop hair loss. It keeps the hair follicles strong and nourishes the hair from the roots. Amla Nourishes and strengthens hair from the roots to make it long, strong and beautiful as well as fights with dandruff. If you eat amla for 1 years then amla turns white hair into black hair.
  8. Massage you scalp every night using amla oil or almond oil or mustard oil before going to sleep.
  9. If you have cold, cough, tension and stomach worms then take proper treatment to prevent these diseases. Theses diseases turns black hair into white.
  10. Eating amla, spinach, honey, cabbage, carrot, coconut, butter, misri and black pepper is beneficial to stop white hair.

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How to get rid of white hair

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