How To Treat Dry Skin Naturally

By | November 6, 2016
Ghykuar benefit

Skin is the most important part of our body. Since it is affected by the impact is too delicate for. Our skin protects the body against attacks by foreign germs. It is normal to dry skin. By some measures to prevent it you can get rid of dandruff. While on land, but on the whole body, feet, face, hand, are more prone to stayopen. There are a number of dry wrinkled skin.

Staying too long in the sun is dangerous for the skin
With each wash skin with moisture should sunshades. In the winter, the sun turned black to white color. For the beauty of the skin should be kept in mind that the stay in the sun longer appropriate. Those people who live in the sun for too long may soon wither, and they begin to look prematurely old. Experts say that those who stay in the sun too long could face skin cancer.

It is true that sunlight is good for a balanced mqdarnh only good reminder but also somewhat inevitable. because once he loses his discontent, or relative may never get it again. Excessive sun, summer, winter is harmful to the skin in both seasons.

Out in the sun before the ayluuyra (ghykuar, virgin dirty) when applied to the skin of the jelly PBUH rays of the sun directly to the skin can be preserved. After sun skin is useful to take precautions.

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