How to Identify the Pure Honey

By | September 18, 2016
How to Identify the Pure Honey

Today, market and sell fake and dunmbr honey drly markets continue , because the majority of our people do not know is real or fake honey rkhtytu here to tell you a few ways to identify pure honey charge check the label on the bottle of honey , which are listed on the ingredients . Constituents with honesty by honey manufacturing company registered legally and morally binding . If the additives are mixed into the oil substances in components that can be worry if you do not , there will be a rare feature in this buy this honey.
S put her spoon full of honey taken in a glass of water , if pure honey if it is not soluble in water , if not pure will be resolved , because being the most treacly honey dressings Please explain a shock to dip into the honey a bit lighter and light a candle cotton wick hy.mum required for honey testing the method and then tried to burn it lighter . I understand that it lights a fire in the honey dripping on paper to absorb a few drops of hy.shd , if it became absorbed by the paper drops, this means that it is not pure honey.
If you do not have to absorb the paper you can use a white cloth , then wash them while they dropped honey a few drops on the cloth so it remains marked spots on clothes means that honey is not pure.

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