How This Woman Lost 30kg Without Going to the Gym

By | October 23, 2016
She weight loss 50 kg woman eating junk food

How This Lady Did It Without Going To Gym

Meet Kanan, a 47-year old woman who lost 30kg by being committed to her goal.

Kanan was born a healthy child, but after getting married at the age of 23, she had kids and started to gain weight. She never took this seriously as she was not image-conscious. But as she grew older, being overweight brought a range of health issues with it. Then, before she knew it, she was on medication for high blood pressure, asthma, backaches, and joint pain. That’s when she decided to quit her job and take charge of her health.

At the beginning of 2012, she was very depressed as she weighed 100kg. At 5’2″, she was grossly overweight.

By following a strict plan, she lost weight and by mid-2013 she weighed about 68kgs by mid-2013.

Even losing a few kilos in the beginning was a big moral boost, as well as big physical boost. She could walk faster, and could walk without stopping for longer distances. She felt like a feather. She felt very confident, had a better self-image, didn’t need to take medication anymore, and her relationship with her husband improved.

After losing 23kg in the first three months, she visited her doctor. He struggled to recognize her. She looked like a new person.

Her weight loss journey is inspiring because now she knows that anything is possible. She did not need any professional help, and she achieved her goals on her own.

Source: caloriebee

50 kg wazan kam kr lya is Orat ny janye kese

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