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By | October 23, 2016
How to treatment of Bald pin

Can I Fix Bald Patches in my Beard Easily?

I know that facial hair is mainly determined by genetics, but is there anything I can do to fix some bald spot in my beard? I’d love to have a full… READ MORE

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Thinning hair/patchy beard at a young age. Should my beard be full as I have high testosterone level from male pattern baldness?

I’m 22 and my hair has been thining sense I was 18. I wear my hair short and started to grow a beard, however my beard comes in patchy. I’m confused… READ MORE

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Patches on the beard. How many months for the Minoxidil to start working?

I’m on minoxidil for patches on my beard. two times a day. I’m on week for and until now not so much difference. is that ok? how many months for the… READ MORE

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Can hair just start popping out?

I had a head massage done while I was in Sri Lanka on holiday. I came back home and after 4 days I noticed hairfall for the first time.

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ab preshan na hon balon k liye ye totka istimal krain

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