Hiccups 7 helpful in identifying diseases

By | October 6, 2016
Hiccups 7 helpful in identifying diseases

Renal impairment
If you suffer from kidney disease and you do not know, but often encounter hiccups with this is indicated to be the kidneys are being damaged, the pain hiccups bones, breath, unusual smell and muscle pull I should immediately consult a doctor.
Acid reflex disease
Acid reflex are diseases of the symptoms to feel bitter taste of heartburn, eat in the chest and nausea, etc., but the fact is that hiccups are also pointed out, if they do not come to an end and be consistent you should consult a doctor.
Hiccups that this was a warning that you should take out some time for themselves, according to a study often take hiccups on mentally intense tension and interact with meditation, exercise or to do should.
Cancer sign.
Hiccups are some types of cancer such as brain, may suggest the presence of cancer of the stomach or lymph nodes, if you are experiencing persistent hiccups and more than 48 hours a month that I can be a sign of cancer. However, experts say that people with little sign of cancer.

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Hichcup 7 amraaz ki nishandihi krny main madadgar

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