Effective dandruff remedies for shiny hair

By | April 20, 2016
Effective dandruff remedies for shiny hair

When you shiny silver flakes falling from the scalp on your eyebrows, shoulders and clothes, especially when comb or scratch your hairs, means you are suffering from dandruff. These flakes are timed from lumps of the scalp. The itching in hair causes due to dandruff and sometimes leads to reddening of the scalp. What causes dandruff? This may be the cause of stress, harsh shampoos, artificial styling products and extreme hot and cold weather may cause dandruff. Dandruff risk increases due to incorrect diet and energy loss due to illness or infections. Here we have some easy home remedies for hair dandruff

Tips for hair dandruff treatment:

Heat 4 tablespoon of coconut oil; add 1 piece of camphor mix it well, let the oil cool down till it becomes lukewarm. Massage this oil on the scalp and leave it as it is overnight.
Take 2 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds, soak it in water overnight, sieve the seeds and collect the seeds, crush the sieve and make a fine paste, apply this on your scalp massage thoroughly and wash with either Shikakai or soap nut water.

  • Take 2 egg whites, add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice mix it well apply this on your scalp and massage gently for about half an hour. Then wash your hairs with fresh water.
  • Take a hand full of Margosa leaves crush them to make a fine paste, add into ½ liter of water, mix it well and wash your hair with this water followed by plain water.

These home remedies for dandruff will help you to get rid of hair dandruff quickly.

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