Breast Feeding Information. Benefits of breast feeding

By | June 17, 2017

Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. Breast-feeding provides many health benefits for both baby and mother. A vitamin D supplement is recommended for all breast-feeding women.

Most women can breast-feed. It is rare for a mother to be physically unable to breast-feed. It doesn’t matter whether you have small or large breasts, or even if you have inverted nipples. The breast tissue is designed to make enough breast milk for your baby. If you have twins, it is usually possible to make enough milk for both babies.

Breast-feeding can, however, take practice and perseverance. As with many things, it is something to be learnt. There are so many benefits to breast-feeding and this leaflet is designed to inform you of the benefits, as well as providing some information on breast-feeding technique and commonly encountered problems. Don’t be scared to ask for help if you are finding breast-feeding difficult. This is common at first and nothing to be ashamed about.

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