Benefits of pumpkin for hemorrhoids (Bawaseer)

By | February 21, 2016
Benefits of pumpkin for hemorrhoids (Bawaseer)

There are lot of benefits of pumpkin ( Kaddu). As you know every vegetable contains lot of health benefits according to their nutrition level. They contain different type of elements that is good for different parts for your body growth and functioning. In these vegetable there is a very beneficial vegetable called pumpkin or Kaddu in urdu. It contains lot of super duper properties for your body. It is a gift of summer season and very tasty. Kaddu or pumpkin was a very favourite vegetable of Muhammad (PBUH). Eating Kaddu is not only a Sunnah but it has lot of heath benefits. It contains vitamin C, Sodium, Potassium and Iron that is gives lot of power to your body. Medical practitioners use pumpkin to treat lot of dangerous diseases.

You can use it for the following conditions.
– For treating headache
– For throat
-For thirst
– For jaundice and lot of issues.
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