Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic & Milk

By | December 20, 2016
Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic milk

Garlic milk is one of the tastiest ways to consume garlic. Garlic milk offers many health benefits. 1. For Cold & Flu– If you are prone to getting cold and flu, consuming garlic milk will greatly reduce it. 2. For Acne– Consuming garlic milk is as effective as external application for treating acne. Regular consumption of garlic milk is an effective way to diminish further acne flares on the skin. 3. For Feeding Mothers– Garlic milk is one of the best foods that increases breast milk. Giving garlic milk to feeding mothers immediately after child birth ensures good and sufficient breast milk supply. 4. For PneumoniaGarlic milk is one of the best home remedys for pneumonia. We can easily give it to small children without any problems, since it is very tasty. 5. For Good Digestion– Garlic milk is very good for treating digestive problems. Garlic stimulates the digestive juices and is very effective in treating all stomach ailments 6. De Worming Medicine- Garlic milk is one of the best and natural ways to remove intestinal worms. Make sure to drink it first thing in the morning. 7. For Sciatica Because of it’s painkilling properties garlic milk is recommended for people who suffer from sciatica. To make this garlic milk, boil finely pounded garlic in milk till it is cooked well. Add turmeric powder, palm candy and pepper powder to it and switch off. Cool, mash it well and your healthy garlic milk is ready!

Source: wildturmeric

Milk and garlic benefits at home

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