Air conditioners losses and carefully

By | September 11, 2016
air conditioner problems and solutions
  1. Is there electrical power to the house? Believe it or not we get 2 or 3 calls a year where we show up only to find out the house and maybe even the whole neighborhood has no power. This is embarrassing and it causes some bad feelings when the service man wants to collect for a call just to say, “Call us back when the power comes on”
  2. Is the gas meter turned on with your local provider? For a gas furnace, which we have a lot of in Birmingham, Alabama, to heat, the gas meter needs to be in place and your gas account active. We find 5 or 6 time a year that someone moves into a house and has never called for gas service. This occurs mostly when someone moves from a warm climate (Florida) where there is very little heat needed.
  3. Check the filter. The airflow for your AC or Heat is very important. Filters should be changed regularly and if are not changed, the restriction of air will cause the AC unit to not operate properly. If you see the filter domed in, this is because the suction of the system and the unit needs more air. Replace a clogged filter. A domed in filter could also be its in backwards. Check the arrows on side of the filter to show the direction of the airflow.
  4. Check the batteries in the thermostat. If a thermostat isn’t lit up, change the batteries.
  5. Check the breaker at the breaker box. Most people still call it a fuse box but there hasn’t been fuses installed in house in years. If you do have a ‘fuse box’ consider upgrading. If the breaker is ‘tripped’, reset the breaker. However, breakers trip for safety reasons and if this occurs again have someone look into the real problem. Most of the time the breaker isn’t the problem. Its something in the circuit pulling more electricity than if should. Be careful thinking that resetting the breaker ‘fixed’ your AC.
  6. Check the switch on the indoor unit. Local code says that there must be an electrical switch next to the indoor unit for safety reasons. I had this problem to occur after my son was playing basketball. The ball bounced over to the furnace in the garage and simple flipped the switch off.
  7. Check the disconnect at the outdoor unit. The same thing here. There should be a disconnect switch at the outdoor unit. Make sure it is plugged in or flipped on. Again, be very careful as this 240 Volt electricity to the outdoor section of an AC and it is very dangerous.
  8. Check the condensate pump or drain line. AC units should have a water safety switch to stop them from operating if water could leak into your home and ruin ceilings and floors. Checking for water in a pan under the unit could tell you the drain is clogged. Simple empty the pan and flush out the drain line and the unit may start operating again.
  9. Check the safety switch in pan under the AC unit. We see it happen in attics where someone was moving boxes or in and out of an attic and bumped the unit or pan. This switch could be the problem. Do not bypass the safety switch or you could have a huge a water mess in your home.

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Air conditioner losses and carefully

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