5 Ways to Get Rid of Roaches

By | November 19, 2016
Cut off water sources. Cockroaches must have a source of water. Depending on the temperature and their size, they can live for a month without any food, but no more than a week without water. Find all the water leaks in your house, and fix them. Once their water source(s) have been eliminated, they will be much more interested in eating gel-based baits you set out.


Clean your house thoroughly. A clean house is key to keeping cockroaches away, and the first place to start is the kitchen. Wash your dishes and put food away promptly after meals. Clean up crumbs and spills right away, and generally keep the area clean. Pay special attention to range tops, as cockroaches love grease.
Hide your food. Keep food containers sealed, and don’t leave food out for extended periods. Don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight, and don’t leave fruit on the countertop.
Mop the floor routinely. This should clean up crumbs and sticky spots. Do not slop water against the walls; remember, they need water.
Take out the trash regularly. Have one trash can for food in your house. Don’t let it sit for too long. Use a trash can with a lid, rather than one that stays open. Keep it in sealed containers that aren’t sitting right next to your house.
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Apny ghr ko crockroaze sy saaf rakhny ka asaan tariqa

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