5 pairs of mute signs of disease

By | September 22, 2016
5 pairs of mute signs of disease

Poor or joint pain is very painful and it is also the root of all diseases that can make anyone a victim . Usually the disease blood is the result of uric acid clot , but it is out of uric acid physical process and is removed in turn and dissolved in normal blood through kidneys through urine when the body Much of it the kidneys began to fail him salvation .

As a result I feel pain in the joints seems clot crystals form in the joints. However, be aware that you are suffering from the disease before symptoms appear, which saw the solution to avoid this? Foot thumb swelling that broke the disease to yphly symbol generalized swelling of the legs thumbs, which is the result of the accumulation of uric acid, so much pain to so according to medical experts such as bone, normal it is midnight and does not move courage is so severe, the thumb warmer, is red and swollen, but after a few weeks, the pain goes away and does not the next several months or years.

Other joints may be swollen to the affected joints of the body where the disease uric acid begins to accumulate, the men usually Monday, affected knees and elbows, and knees, while women are affected more. The use of certain drugs if they have high blood pressure seems to reduce drug use would be to grow the level of uric acid in the body, joint disease or who suffer bone weakness if the use of these drugs in the risk of disease is very low. If you are tlyf in pairs consult the doctor to change the medication.

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Agr ap main ye 5 alamtain hain to is bemari ka shikar hain

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