10 amazing tips for dry and rough feet

By | October 3, 2015
10 amazing tips for dry and rough feet

Dry and rough feet is a big problem not only for women but also for men. People who work in open air without having regular habit of washing feet often face dry feet problem. Your feet becomes dry because of many reasons that I will discuss in detail in this post. The main and important problem is this that your feet are very far away from your heart that results in decrease in blood flow. You should choose your footwear wisely that comforts you in every manner. Here are some feet care tips that will guide you to make you feet healthy and crack free.Soften with Honey Soaking your feet is the first step in soothing dry skin, and it’s easy to concoct an effective foot soak from simple ingredients. Add a cup of honey to a gallon or warm water and soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes. If your feet are seriously dry, you may want to soak them even longer. Honey’s natural enzymes help speed up healing and bind moisture to your skin. If you need to clip or file your nails, do it before you soak; your nails will be soft after your soak. Soaking your feet helps improve circulation. Because poor circulation is one of the causes of dry skin, regular foot soaks can help prevent dry skin.
Dry and Rough Feet Tips

1. While choosing your footwear keep one thing in your mind that the footwear you are choosing is comfortable or not and always wear a point bigger shoe so
it doesn’t touch your foot. 
2. People always think that skin care to feet is not so important but as you use skin care creams for your face and hands, you should do it daily for your feet as well. 
3. Avoid excess of exposure to hot water and very cold water, in this way your feet will remain smooth and crack free.
4. Don’t walk around rough with bare feet because the bacteria will enter your skin and can damage it. 
5. Soak your feet in warm water for at least 5 minutes, remember not to soak them for too long. 
6. Use a foot scrub and a pumice stone that is old fashioned now but it works just fine. 
7. Apply the Epsom salt daily after soaking your feet in warm water. 
8. Mix lavender and petroleum jelly and apply it on your feet daily and massage them. 
9. Lotion your skin properly at night or in the evening when you are free. 
10. Foot massage will help you transfer the blood flow rapidly to your feet and will smooth and tighten muscles.

Soak your feet in warm water to soften hard skin and make removal easier. Avoid using harsh soaps when washing or soaking your feet, as soap removes your skin’s natural oils, thereby increasing dry skin and making corns and calluses worse. 

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